Front Panel-Potentiometer


The serie KS15 is equipped with a carbon layer resistance element. Thus this serie offer a cost-effective solution. It can be supplied with two different shaft diameters (Ø4 or 6 mm) and central fixings (M7x0,75 or M10x0,75) as well as optionally with a classic linear or positive-logarithmic signal. Furthermore options with switch and centre locking as well as tandem versions are possible.

Technical Details

  • Housing: Metal
  • Bearing type: Sliding bearing
  • Slider tapping: Single tap
  • Connection types: Solder connection, print connection
  • Mounting type: Central fixing


  • Encapsulated version possible by special housing
  • Customer specific connector
  • Middle-position locking, 11 or 41 locking points available

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